To: The Esteemed Slovenian Ambassador, With Best Regards,

To: The Esteemed Slovenian Ambassador,  With Best Regards, 4/30/2018 7:13:11 PM

To: The Esteemed Slovenian Ambassador,

With Best Regards,


I deem  it necessary, first, to express my greatest thanks for allowing me to have a friendly visit and conversation. I am so pleased to be able to present you some issues pertaining to the production project of a documentary film named:”My Home Country”.

This project is the world concern more than being national and Iranian and it’ll be interesting to introduce Ashti Institute to you briefly before explaining the object of the film. Ashti cultural, art, educational, publication, press and research institute was officially registered in Iran as from 1993 and it has carried on providing its services in spite of all problems which has happened from time to time. Hamsar (Spouse) weekly is the first family weekly in Iran which is affiliated to this institute and it is issued for more than 15 years. This institute has several training center which provide their services to the interested people in different fields. Ashti institute is active in producing films and providing training for film production for many years and particularly it is considered as the first official centers for training.

The plan for holding the international 2nd camera festival which has a look at the backstage of the world movies and will be held in Oman is one of this institute’s services.

Ashti institute sometimes is forced to carry on its human, cultural and art services outside Iran due to the ongoing laws and regulations. But not because of political and anti-state issues but further for the sake of presenting arts and cultures which are not applicable with the Islamic Iran’s laws.

From the point of establishment, this institute has provided and still provides special humane services. Among them we can mention services to needful children, widowed women, patients and particularly the mental and physical disabled.

As from 2000, Ashti institute embarked on a big job in line with its objectives which is appreciating the humans who have taken good steps for mankind. As one of such acts we can name the special gratitude by this institute of Pope John Paul II as well as Mr. Queen Rod, the Italian prime minister I 2009. This appreciation is known under the name of Ashti Recognition Tablet. This tablet is prepared in Pahlavi and historical language and is presented to humans who have provided appropriate services toward serving the mankind. It has been presented to 7 peoples. The production project of producing the documentary film” My Home Country” is the continuation of theses services, because we intend to familiarize the Iranian nation with the world culture and civilization as well as to make the world familiar with the pre- Islamic Iranian culture and civilization. The countries that doubtlessly have had and still have noticeable cultures and civilizations. The cultures and civilizations which will be introduced through this project to not only Iranians but also to the other countries. In this documentary the people of the world will be familiarized with each other’s cultures and civilizations more than ever and I hope that we can complete this project to the end in spite of the difficulties present for the Iranian film producing team. Undoubtedly the process of production of this documentary will not end quickly and it will last for several years. However the result of the work may be seen from the beginning and after research and study stages.

The Procedure

The film production team will be introduced after acquiring the approvals from Ministry of Iranian Culture to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and this Ministry will contact to its embassies in different countries. The related officials will announce to Ministry of Foreign Affairs their readiness for hosting the research group after the initial preparation of the team. Then  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through a note will request visas for the film production team in order to make the team familiar with the different centers and intended individuals in that country. In this visiting trip, the research group will have some initial study and will take some photos, videos and interviews and they will revisit that country in another time if necessary so that the documentary producing group will complete its job. Actually this is the initial specified procedure for the film production group.

It is to mention that I had and still have no role in selecting and or designating the individuals and I only  bear the responsibility of producing the movie which is confirmed. All stages of confirmation of the individuals shall be borne by the Iranian Ministry of Guidance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So that if an individual is not confirmed by them he/she shall leave the group.

As to the facilities and equipment with us, there will be about 3 to 4 complete cameras with the essential equipment and we will work by an HD system.

The approximate duration of the work will be less than 2 weeks. Arrangements for the place of accommodation and the exact time of the flight tickets, hotel reservation and also arrangement for personnel and members of the group shall be borne by Mr. Mohammad PERMEH.

I deem it necessary to thank your esteemed colleagues and inform you that after the initial meeting with them a list of the centers which provide cultural services in your country was given to us and we contacted some of them and it was provided that at the time of arriving in that country we pay a visit to them.

I hope this cultural project by Ashti institute may be regarded as a mere cultural and art work and the cooperation conditions will be provided for us to be the commencement of a friendship between the nations.


Sincerely Yours


Managing Director of Ashti Institute




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