*The conciliation caravan

*The conciliation caravan 8/25/2016 7:00:09 PM

جعفر صابری/کاروان صلح

جعفر صابری/کاروان صلح پنج شنبه 4 شهریور 1395



*The conciliation caravan

The world has too much evilness . If the men ignored the world evilness they may become less. but the men find the way .

A caravan for bringing of message of friendship and peace, for bringing of whatever that implies on goodness and joy. For informing the human being that the others are read to help and to reduce their grief. A caravan from every villages and cities , A caravan for participation in a kind of philanthropy along with blue flag of navy blue and with a branch of olive and according to its leaves which implies on the number of participating countries in this useful movement .



 Assisting to society poor people and the introduction of the culture and civilization of each nation to other nations.

The showing of ideas and opinions of each nation to other nations and a symbolic action in which can show the sense of philanthropy and also the absorbing of popular helps and governmental helps in this respect.

The method and the form of the implementation of caravan : A caravan which consisting of theatre , music and etc… artists along with handicrafts and the production of each country initially moves from the mentioned country and then moves into neighbour countries . and so the other countries will be added to this caravan will reach to final destination in a circular way and this method will turning over and the hosting country moves every year .and in every place of caravan road will have stations in which the people become familiar with caravan and its objectives . the Introduction of folk wears and the special music of each country are the main symbols of this journey . we can help UNICEF in order to keep the nations culture through this method , since the available countries responsible in caravan will act so much for the better introduction of their nation and cultures .


*Remarkable Point:

 Long ago, not so far, the Gypsies and circus have such journeys and that was interesting to people to become familiar with various cultures.

With sampling from this philanthropic action we provide a caravan under the name of peace and conciliation or better to say the nation's friendship. We believe that the globe is too small. However, it's the big one. Therefore the world people need to know each other and respect the culture and opinion of each other. Actually, this is one of the main Guidelines of united nation . We hope that may one day the people of the world respecting to their colour , race , religion and whatever which belonging to every nation . 

Jafar saberi




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