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The Most Scary Man On Earth

The Most Scary Man On Earth 4/27/2015 1:15:43 PM

The Most Scary Man On Earth

Perhaps we can name this album as the most interesting make-up. The person you see in the picture has made himself just like a zombie using make-up, not like a normal zombie, but he claims that he is the King of Zombies. He had made up himself in this way to participate in the rally and march. In this march, people with extravagant make ups and torn clothes and bloody appearance, made themselves like dead people and walked up and down the street. This kind of rally with the purpose of entertainment and hobby is done in most countries of the world. - See more at: http://e.iranianelondon.com/949/the-most-scary-man-on-earth.html#sthash.IdboerUi.dpuf



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