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The festival by the title of “second camera” or better to say “second vision”


this festival which is the unique one and happens for the first time around the world tend to show scenes which is regarded as the worthless films according to directors opinion , despite of famous festival in the world and may be also the boring one for viewers and lead the viewers, s mind into the weakness of director . anyway , maybe taking several films from the plan of several scenes and select the best one as the original plan . sometimes some incidents, matter or story become valuable , because they record by the second camera , there fore they are valuable and holding of such festivals is useless according to director ,s idea and the human values can be considered which are adorable .

Objective :

1) The better presentation of equipment and the technology of cinema industry which reduces the risk of making of incidents.

2) The special consideration of responsible and producers of cinema industry to the producing of better instrument for the reducing of such incidents.

3) The better presentation of cinema industry available technology to the people concerning with film producing and cinema , particularly the directors and executive producers .

4) The holding of discussing forums between the film-producers and the producers of film-making instrument .

5) The public show of such scenes and incidents for people and especially for the people concerning with cinema in order to recognize the cinema better than before and also for the reduction of relevant incidents.

6) The holding of seminars and discussing forums concerning the films back stages by the attending of the film relevant producers.

7) A market for the better selling of produced films in the cinema world .

The term of holding :

the term of festival holding is as follows :

1) The holding of festivals concerning the selected films and also showing the latest cinema industry production s .

2) The holding of photograph exhibition from the incidents wich taking place in film production .

3) The holding of cinema-makers and producers(the persons which are interest in film can also attend . )

4) The holding of exclusive shop and exhibition concerning the latest world production in the field of film industry .

*The notable points :

As is said previously , so many cinema producers including of film-producers or cinema industrial persons and also those ones who interest in cinema will attend in this festival within the holding of second camera film festival . naturally they will visit the holder country as the tourists . there fore we have consider this industry very seriously ( we mean tourism industry )

*meanwhile , if the holder country possess the folkloric culture and even music or handy craft which can be regarded as the cultural heritage of that country , it's so much better to be considered in order to underlining to the global reflex of this subject for that country .

It is necessary to say that the attending of industrial persons and producers of cinema industry and relevant persons , normally requires the control and supervision of industry and business and even custom departments of the country which holds this festival , whether they attending in television or cinema or in the relevant responsible must take deep consideration with this note .

· The city which the festival may held on it , must be the one which equipped with the holding specifications because the cinema-producers are very sharp-sighted persons and if there was no suitable condition for then within next years . there fore this point is very important to holders of this festival .

· The attending of hundreds of experienced film-producers along with specialists and experts of cinema industry and television is the important and trainings scientific incident , thus the aware of university-personnel of such these festival is too important in which they provide a situation for students of university to take the advantages of these festivals and specially attending in discussing sessions .

The festival duration and time :

the festival time and duration depends on the following factors :

1) The number of films which propose to this festival and their durations .

Explain : The films can be between 10 minutes and 60 minutes and the board of judgment is free to select the scenes for showing .

2) The number of attending company in shops and exhibitions .

3) The number of discussion sessions between experts . but generally , this festivalis going to be held within 3 or 7 days from the 9:a.m until 9:p.m which one day belongs to opening ceremony and one day belong to closing ceremony .

there are some days in which the attendance can visit the interesting places of the holder country and also the relevant objectives are :

1) The better introduction of holder country .

2) The interest-making for investment concerning the film-producing in the mentioned country.

3) The interest-making for the establishment of cinema producing and industrial factory .

4) The introduction of the ability and favourite conditions of helder country concerning the sale-production and cinema production .

*The amount of expenses or primary investment :

The determining of a completed program for this section seems to be little hard , because may depend on the factors such as :

The number of guests

The number of award's and prizes .

1) The number of days in which the festival going to be held .

Note : If the main inviters be the holder country the participants expectation will grow up and normally must observe more precise regulations which this form is the favourite form for the main investors and supporters the mentioned festival. any way , the main awards to the winners which are in 2 main parts is as follows :

the golden eagle with the weight of 1 kg for 5 persons and one silver crystal for 5 second persons and 10 pcs of 1 kg crystals for 10 persons which can be accompanied with some amounts of money . also the cinema-industry producers will be given by one golden eagle to first one , and silver to second one and the crystal to third person .

The tablet of memorial will also given to the participants .

The tablet and special shield of host country will be given to all participants under the permission of host country responsible .

· Note

The number of prizes &awards in such festival is too important .

The amount of predicted profits:

We can simply analyze this point, because depending on the factors such as :

1) The number of attendance in shops and exhibitions ( which must purchase )

2) The free participants number ( must pay much – amounts )

3) The purchasing of entrance ticket for the showing halls or shops .

4) The renting of exhibition stands and also the other factors are still important in order to collect money for this project.

5) The providing of investment situation for other companies in the form of festival advertisement as the financial sponsor.

6) The renting and cooperation with world newspapers specially the mas media and famous too channels for the renting of advertisement time between the showing programs.

by the appreciation from dear Mr. faisal bin turki al – said ( the head of planning and follow up department ) which provide the visiting and appointments arrangement for myself . I here by ask after the visiting and discussing with the responsible which had been already considered by me for the inserting of mentioned items into the festival implementation project , since they may become more familiar with festival implementation and its motivations and also find out the reason of responsible visiting request . I again thank for your collaboration , specially from your sincere and nice colleague , dear Mr. khalid bin khalfan al hashli ( The head of planning & follow up division) .

I again remain faithfully and thank from the below ladies & gentleman which meet me and keep-Informed of this festival :

*Ladies: abeer Abdullah al-farsi ministry of tourism sabrah al riyami darran enterprises L.L.C

*Gentleman : Mr. Mohsen-bin-mohammad alrahbi

The Dr.khaled abdullrahim Alzedjali (the head of omanian cinema Assaciation) .

The engineer abdullah-bin-suleiman Alsari (The general manager of television of municipality .

Mr. salem-binodai-alomri(The marketing-manager of Tourism ministry)

The scientist Mr.Ayman Helal . (the general manager of darran Enterprises L.L.C.

Its necessary to say that designing and implementation of this festival project is enforceable by our Institute , but I ask your cooperation concerning the spiritual aids and also giving the facilities for the better holding of this project . I hope we may open a new horizon for the transaction in the nice and good country of Oman by your cooperation in this case .

I cordially say that sultan Ghaboos, leadership and insight in the managing of Oman and also the management of beloved and sincere responsible of Oman overshadows me and make the beauty of this ancient country as much as possible for me .

With the best wishes for victory and productivity of sultan Ghaboos and his colleagues as much as possible



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